Happily Ever After (Forever and Always #7) - E. L. Todd

Happily Ever After (Forever and Always #7)

By E. L. Todd

  • Release Date: 2014-03-03
  • Genre: Contemporain


Scarlet’s wedding day has finally arrived. The gang travel to Connecticut to celebrate the event, spending time at the ocean, playing golf and laser tag to relieve the stress. Now that Sean reveals he wants to take over the company, Scarlet has to convince Ryan to move with her, but then she realizes she’s leaving someone behind. Will she be able to convince Cortland as well? 

When Sean’s college roommates come to the wedding, Scarlet gets another flash of Sean’s past, the despicable life he used to live. As everything rushes back to her, all the pain she went through to keep Sean in her life, she starts to feel the panic. Should she marry him? Or should leave while she still can? 

Sean and Scarlet fear that Scarlet’s mother will make a visit on her special day, but they both try to ignore it and hope for the past.